About Academy


(formerly TAMIL NADU ACADEMY OF SCIENCES since 1976 )

Office Address :
University of Madras,
Guindy Campus, Chennai – 600 025.


The Objectives of the association shall be:

  • To review periodically the state of education, research, development and application in the various branches of sciences.
  • To provide help and guidance to the State Government of Tamil Nadu on request in matters related to Science and Technology.
  • To recommend grants for specialized development and organization of special courses that have an applied relevance to the needs of the State,
  • To organize, or help organize Seminars, Symposia and Conferences at the State, National and International levels,
  • To promote coordination between various national and international Societies and Institutions of Science and Technology in this State and to publish proceedings, Journals, Memoirs, Transactions, Monographs and Newsletters and to undertake other relevant activities.


a) The Academy shall consist of Fellows and Honorary Fellows who will form the General Body of the Academy.
b) The administration, direction and management of the affairs of the Academy shall be entrusted to the Executive Council.

a) Fellows shall be persons of eminence for their knowledge of, or their contribution to different branches of Science and normally but not necessarily domiciled in the state of Tamil Nadu. Those who are in the neighbourhood will have greater opportunities to participate in the Academy activities.
b) The existing Fellows of the Academy are persons of eminence who have made outstanding contributions in different branches of science and they along with a selected few will be the Foundation Fellows of the Academy of Sciences Chennai.
c) New Fellows will be elected each year at the General Body meeting of the Academy from the nominations received by the existing Fellows. Each nomination should be signed and recommended by a minimum of three Fellows, who, by their personal knowledge, vouchsafe for the outstanding contributions made by the candidate in the field of science. The nomination along with the curriculum vitae of each candidate can be forwarded to the Secretary of the Academy at any time of the year.
d) The Secretary will consolidate all the nominations received and place them before the Executive Council. The Executive Council will scrutinize the nominations and make suitable recommendations based on merit and place them before the General Body for election of Fellows.
e) The newly elected Fellows will be inducted as Fellows of the Academy on payment of the prescribed Admission and Life-time Membership fee.

a) Honorary Fellows shall be persons of outstanding eminence for their knowledge of, or contribution to Science, or the welfare thereof and who have, in some way, contributed or can contribute to the progress of Science in the country.
b) The procedure for electing the Honorary Fellows shall be the same as for the election of Fellows but the nomination should be made by at least five Fellows, of whom three should be the members of the Executive Council.
c) Since the persons considered for Honorary Fellowship will be highly distinguished persons and they are invited to accept the Honorary Fellowship, there will not be any requirement of payment of admission fee and lifetime membership subscription.

The Fellows and Honorary Fellows of the Tamil Nadu Academy of Sciences will continue to be the Fellows and Honorary Fellows of The Academy of Sciences, Chennai and they, together with the newly inducted Fellows, form the General Body of the Academy.

University of Madras, IGCAR Kalpakkam, Madurai Kamaraj University, Anna University, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, IITM Chennai and CLRI.

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